Innovation & Technologies
Innovation & Technologies
Invisible Inks
Brands N Motion Inks that appear invisible until the material is edge lit then the image appears
Frit Inks
Inks that stick to hard coated polycarbonate in both white and black
Printable Adhesives
Screen printable adhesives that can be engineered to cover just the locations you need it, and to your desired adhesion level.
Conductive Inks
Carbon Nanotube Transparent/carbon nanotube inks suitable for heaters, touch capacitive applications, and antennas ..
IR Transmissive Inks
Inks that allow IR camera transmission through them.
Many other possibilities
mirror reflective inks targeted clears glitter glow-in-the dark dry erase aluminum additives
Reflective Vinyls
glass beaded and enclosed lens
Metallic Vinyls
mirror reflective and brushed aluminum
Holographic Vinyls
Rainbow and Prismatic
Die Cut adhesives
An extensive range of adhesives cut to your parts unique specification's.
Anti-fog film
A hydrophilic film that keeps water from condensating on glass coolers and freezers.
Additional Materials
Edgelight acrylics Dichroic Coroplasts Perforated Vinyls & more
In Mold decorated parts
Printed, formed, and trimmed thin films for in mold and over mold applications.
Cooler, vendor & fountain
Modernization redesign, and branding
Formed covers
Functional covers engineered for your products
Thermoformable looks
From wood grains and metals, to marble and carbon fiber
Formed Spot Color Sheets
Any custom color formed to your unique specifications
Lenticular printing
Lenticular printing Printed parts that have a range of effects from graphic and color flips to 30 for both small and large format parts.
HD Decals
An indoor/outdoor decal capable of covering minor damage or existing decals on your equipment in the field.
HD EZ Peel
HD decal is coated with a special coating that allows ez removal of permanent decals and graphics
RFID Technology
Labels, tags, and laminates for inventory management and tracking
Convention & Event Products
Dye sublimated lanyards and wristbands. Kiosk graphics, Floor Graphics, stickers, and tokens
Laser Abalatable Sheets
Custom printed plastics suitable for laser etched graphics