DALB Inc., has a complete line of fabrication services and, with limitless capacity we make it easy for you to complete your next project. We work with all types of drawings from pencil sketches to CAD blueprints, producing what you want accurately and on time! We can take your project from prototype to production, and our fabrication department is filled with various cutting and laminating equipment.

Computer Numerical Control (CNC) routing is a subtractive manufacturing process that enables DALB to accurately and cost-effectively create high-precision parts. CNC routing removes excess raw material from workpieces with cutting tools to create a precise finished product. The 3-axis CNC machine will automatically complete the task by using a tool to cut along three axes — X, Y, and Z, or left-to-right, front-to-back, and up-and-down. 5-axis machines rely on a tool that moves in five different directions — X, Y, and Z, as well as A and B, around which the tool rotates. Using a 5-axis CNC machine lets operators approach a part from all directions in a single operation. 5-axis CNC machining saves time and is ideal for creating complex precise parts like those found in the medical, auto, and aerospace industries.
Our 3 Axis Knife cutters include a Zünd G3 flatbed cutter and a Multicam Digital Plus. The Zünd G3 flatbed cutter is extremely flexible thanks to a modular cutter concept. allowing for a machine that does kiss cuts, through cuts and scores. Zünd cutters are high-precision machines. All components – from drive system to cutting blade – are designed and manufactured to work together perfectly, this allows us to produce efficiently and and with accurate results. The MultiCams combine both powerful routing and high-speed knife cutting capabilities in a Digital Cutting system. With knife cuttings speeds up to 6,000 Inches per Minute (IPM) and the MultiVision Digital registration Camera System, the Multicam family of cutters/routers provides performance and high-quality cutting capabilities demanded into today’s fast-paced industry.
Fast and versatile precision die-cutting capabilities are one of the cornerstones of our fabrication processes. Using multiple technologies, our capabilities include clamshell and flat-bed die cutting equipment with the capability to custom cut shapes to meet any specifications. Our flatbed die cutting presses are capable of cutting intricate, custom designs with precision and accuracy on a wide range of materials.
We can laminate and or mount on substrates up to 0.5” thick and up to 68” wide. Laminators apply pre-rolled materials such as premasking, overlaminates and adhesives to sheeted substrates. We can laminate PSAs as well as thermally active adhesives to a variety of substrates.