About Us
About Us

To become a global leader amongst the decorative and functional plastics manufacturing companies.


Our Mission is to grow our business while we continue to maintain a family atmosphere for our employees and strive for continued excellence. We never want take our eye off of our history and what it has taught us, but on our forward journey to be a global leader, we will always think BIG, embrace change, seek innovation, use technology, and listen to new ideas. We will always meet every opportunity with graciousness and determination, and we will use our learnings, our passion, and our capabilities to make our customers the best they can be. These efforts will be the foundation that not only keep our company sustainable, but will also make it flourish for years to come.

Company Overview

DALB was founded in Ranson, West Virginia in 1982 by a team of veterans of the beverage vending industry, but its story begins in Manhattan, New York in 1919. Roy S. Steeley was born to parents Leroy and Helen Steeley and went on to become a legend in automated vending, becoming President of a small company named Dixie-Narco that would become a world-leader under his leadership, and founding two other world-leading companies after retiring from there in 1986; Royal Vendors and Automated Merchandising Systems (AMS).

In January of 1982, Roy's son, Lee, who served as Executive Vice President of Dixie-Narco under his father, collaborated with three of his former Dixie colleagues - human resources director Diane Mesias; Anna Zombro, the sales administrator; and Bill Zombro, the plant manager - to start a screen-printing business with the goal of serving OEM suppliers with graphic solutions for their products. That business was named DALB, an acronym of the first letter of each of their first names.

Today, headquartered just down the road in Kearneysville, WV, DALB has grown from a four-person screen-printing company operating out of a 2,500 square foot rented warehouse into a world leading plastics value-added manufacturer - with Roy's grandson, Kevin as president - housed in a 125,000 square foot company-owned facility, with sales representatives stationed across the country.

DALB is uniquely positioned as a one-stop-shop for many customers across a wide range of industries because of our history, our relationships, our capabilities, and our vision for the future.

Our history in large-format screen-printing solutions for world leading OEM's has placed us in position to apply our growing knowledge of new technologies utilizing our current machinery to branch out into many new applications in which other companies have been limited. We can print larger parts in larger runs than many - if not all - of our competitors, and we also take interest in partnering in the research and development of new technologies that lead to new products.

Offering thermoforming, CNC, assembly, and small-format solutions has enabled DALB to enter many new industries, including entertainment and automotive, and to offer comprehensive all-in-one services to our customers. We can print, form, and fabricate virtually anything, and are constantly learning and applying ourselves in new ways.

At DALB. we truly strive to be masters of our equipment and to continually reinforce our position as one of the world's most capable and innovative companies in every field we enter, while still maintaining a tightly knit, family atmosphere.